This is a Free Directory of RC Plane Fields, Radio Control Airplane Clubs and Model Aviation Parks Located in Colorado.

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RC Plane Flying in Colorado

COLORADO - RC Plane, RC Helicopter Flying Field and Model Aviation Club Directory

Brighton Miniature Aero Sportsters
The Miniature Areo Sportsters (MAS) club flying site sits on 48 acres with a 500 foot paved runway.

Address: 31310 East 120th Avenue, Brighton, Colorado
Website: www.miniatureaerosportsters.org

Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Radio Control Club
Pikes Peak Radio Control Club is a RC flying club located in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.

Address: 2616 Glen Arbor Dr. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920
Phone: (719) 329-1600
Website: www.pprcflyers.net

Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Soaring Society
The Pikes Peak Soaring Society is a radio-controlled model sailplane club based in Colorado Springs.

Address: Irma Lane, Peyton, Colorado 80831
Phone: (303) 648-3261
Email: PPSS1ED@aol.com
Website: www.ppssrc.com

Denver Colorado Rotor-Heads
The Colorado Rotor-Heads (CRH) is a club of R/C helicopter pilots whose members share common interests in building, flying, and talking helicopters.

Address: Denver, Colorado
Email: coloradorotorheads@gmail.com
Website: www.coloradorotorheads.com

Denver Denver RC Eagles
Denver RC Eagles flying field features two paved runways (400' & 275'), paved taxiways and pit area. Activities cover nearly every phase of R/C Aircraft building, flying, and Fun-Fly events. Club members have diverse interests in scale war birds, aerobatics, helicopters, ducted fan jets, electrics, and turbine powered aircraft. Beginners are always welcome and instructor pilots are available for flight training.

Address: Cherry Creek State Park, Denver, Colorado
Phone: (303) 617-4006
Email: larry@denverrceagles.org
Website: www.denverrceagles.org

Fort Morgan Bushwhackers RC Flying Club
RC Flying Club located in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Address: Fort Morgan, Colorado
Email: ftmbushwhackers@yahoo.com
Website: ftmbushwhackers.tripod.com/

Golden Arvada Associated Modelers
A.M.A. Gold Leader Club RC Flying Club. Arvada Associated Modelers features 2 runways. The "West Field" has a gravel runway, 650’ X 50’. The "East Field" has huge 750’ X 50’ concrete runway. The field also has a control line field. Each runway has a covered pavilion with picnic tables for spectator enjoyment. Gas grills are available for use as well. State-of-the-art frequency control stations are provided at each field and are electrically connected with a very unique design to provide optimum control and safety for RC transmissions.

Address: 7608 Highway 93 Golden, Colorado 80403
Phone: (303) 252-0014
Website: www.arvadamodelers.com

Longmont Longmont Aircraft Modelers Association
Longmont Aircraft Modelers Association members enjoy a wide open 7 acre flying space as well as a top notch flying field boasting an 800' x 55' runway. Amenities include flight stations, stand alone helicopter pads, work tables, picnic tables and ample seating.

Address: Longmont, Colorado
Email: lamaweb@lamarcclub.com
Website: www.lamarcclub.com

Loveland Love-Air R/C
Love-Air R/C club is located in the north-central Colorado area with members in the Loveland, Fort Collins, and Greeley areas.

Address: Eaton, Colorado
Phone: (970) 378-7836
Website: www.loveairrc.org

Parker Crosswinds RC Club
Located in Parker, Colorado Crosswinds RC Club has approximately 40 acres of land leased from the state of Colorado with a 410' paved east-west runway. Adjacent to the runway, there is a large pit area with picnic tables, BBQ grills, clubhouse, and restrooms.

Address: County Line Road, 4 miles east of the intersection of Delbert Road and County Line Road, Parker Colorado
Phone: (303) 699-2087
Email: lfalsetto@aol.com
Website: www.crosswindsrc.com

Pueblo Sky Corral Radio Control Club
Sky Corral Radio Control Club fly at Col. Brad Dolliver Field which has three runways: two are 60ft. by 500ft. with dirt runoffs at each end, and one is 35ft. by 500ft. with dirt run-offs at each end.

Address: Col. Brad Dolliver Field in Pueblo, Colorado
Email: ronstark4445@yahoo.com
Website: www.skycorralrcclub.com

Sterling Sterling Miniature Aircraft Association
RC Flying Club located in Sterling, Colorado.

Address: Intersection of Logan County Roads 38 & 39 Sterling, Colorado.
Email: webmaster@flysmaa.com
Website: www.flysmaa.com

Strasburg Mile Hi R/C Club
Mile Hi R/C Club flying field is located on approximately 10 acres and features a 600’ x 58’ Geotextile runway.

Address: 52860 E. Quincy Ave. Strasburg, Colorado 80136
Email: gbrady@k-9products.com
Website: www.milehirc.com

Wellington Rocky Mountain Modeleers
Rocky Mountain Modeleers maintains two flying fields. The primary site, Modeleers Field, is located on the Horton Feedlot property, about three miles north of Wellington, Colorado. The secondary site, Clifton Field, is located east of Jax Outdoor Gear in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Address: Wellington, Colorado
Email: president@modeleers.org
Website: www.modeleers.org

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